Indiecinema Film Festival

Indiecinema film festival

6/11 October 2020

Indiecinema film festival allows audiences all over the world to discover the latest innovations and avant-garde languages of non-mainstream cinema. Our focus is on the invention that goes beyond pre-packaged and safe models to explore the new languages of the seventh art.

Looking for films, short films, documentaries of contemporary indie cinema that you can’t find in mainstream channels. Avant-garde, experiments, new languages: the cinema laboratory of the future.

At the Indiecinema Film Festival we think of cinema as art: the technical packaging of a film is not important to us but only its artistic quality. It doesn’t matter what budget you shot your movie on. If it is engaging and exciting for the public, it is what we are looking for. Discover talents in order to promote them to the largest audience possible.

The screenings of the films take place quarterly on the Indiecinema streaming channel to culminate in the live evenings for the annual award ceremony of the winners in Flavio theater, in front of the Colosseum in Rome, with the participation of the directors, actors, press and public. The winning films will be broadcast on the Indie cinema channel and will be advertised to a large audience with the prizes awarded for a period of six months.

The winning films will not simply be shown online, but will have an ongoing digital advertising campaign and will be followed step by step in a series of in-depth web marketing analyzes through audience segmentation based on ratings, minutes watched, etc., to get the maximum public success.

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