The first edition of Indiecinema Film Festival 2020 at the beginning!

Indiecinema Film Festival

Indiecinema Film Festival 2020 is a brand new film event that intends to become a beacon for all those filmmakers who carry on an idea of ​​independent cinema.

The inaugural session will be online from 6 to 11 October.

Indiecinema Film Festival was born from an intuition of Fabio Del Greco, the Italian director who was the creator of the birth of IndieCinema, an online platform that for some months now hosts some of the most valid and interesting independent productions. With the same qualitative criterion, the selection of the works that will participate in this unprecedented film festival was started a few weeks ago.

According to the innovative formula chosen, the selected films will be visible on the platform during quarterly sessions during which the public will be able to vote, expressing a vote from 1 to 10 in the comment space under each film, the best short films, documentaries and feature films of fiction.
The awards ceremony will instead take place live in the first half of February at the Flavio CineTeatro in Rome, where the winning films and their awards will be officially announced and screened, all concerning the promotion and dissemination of works with professional services with an estimated value between 3000 and 5000 Euros according to the categories.

The official selection of the films in competition is carried out by the Director of the festival, the film critic and journalist Stefano Coccia, together with a small selection committee that includes artistic personalities also known for their constant commitment in favor of independent cinema, which are the actress Chiara Pavoni or the filmmakers Federico Mattioni and Luca Gorreri.

The first session of Indiecinema Film Festival 2020 will be online on from 6 to 11 October 2020, and will have a truly formidable list of titles at the starting blocks.

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Here is the official list:
Omero’s dream by Emiliano Aiello, documentary, Italy 2018

Elephantbird by Masoud Soheil, short film, drama, Afghanistan 2019

The Kempinsky method by Federico Salsano, feature film, drama, Italy 2020

The magic count by Marco Melluso, Diego Schiavo, documentary, Italy 2019

Stromboli, up to the last beat by Hanspeter Aliesch, docu-fiction, drama, Switzerland 2020

Corona days by Fabio Del Greco, feature film, drama, Italy 2020

Colibrì by Davide Canali, short film, drama, Italy 2020

Aggrappati a me by Luca Arcidiacono, short film, drama, Italy 2020

Herstory by Simon Barletti, short film, mockumentary, Italy 2020

Agnus Dei 70 by Flavio Sciolè, short film, experimental, Italy 2020

De feet by Vittoria Campaner, United States 2019

Occidente by Jorge Acebo Canedo, drama, 2019, Spain

The animal that therefore I am by Bea De Visser, short film, experimental, Netherlands 2018

The films of the festival are included in the cost of the Indiecinema subscription for only € 5.99, with which you can also watch all the films in the catalog.

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