Agnus Dei 70

Agnus Dei 70

Agnus Dei 70 synopsis

An optical Jesus.

Director Biography – Flavio Sciolè

(Atri, 1970). Actor, director, performer. Italian-Croatian Stateless Anti-artist, for years now he has contributed to anti-theatrical research (with Teatro Ateo), anti-film experimentation and extreme performances. Mainly devoted to artistic deconstruction of any classical art, he finds his own reason for being in defragmentation and deconstruction acts. Iconoclastic as a vocation, he is not keen on compromise and he makes the art as a request, the ethic art his own raison d’être. About 300 of his videos have been projected-awarded-reported in national and international festival in Italy and all around the world. Over 1000 viewigs in Italy (Rai Uno, 52a International Art Exposition “La Biennale” of Venice) and all over the world (France, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Finland, Romania, Usa, Lithuania, Macedonia, Argentina, England, Germany, Russia, etc). He has received prizes, retrospectives (Casablanca, Rome, Turin, Berlin, London), writings. Main forms of film-action: anti-cinema, aesthetics, diverted light use, direction, drama, In-camera editing. In Teatro Ateo the action zone is the re-setting-destruction-crumbling of classical drama by acting on two levels: one recitative and one dramaturgical. Anti-drama (and anti-dramaturgy, anti-interpret-Action, anti-direction, anti-scenography, anti-light, etc) is the keyword. The main characteristics of the project are the monochromatic research (light, costumes), the vocal deconstruction (the form of “stiff acting” is codified), the work on the icons and on the stiff actor machine. He has partecipated in national and international events and in theatre seasons: Festival Nazionale Dei Teatri Invisibili, Villaggio Teatro, Provocazione Teatro, Teatro Furio Camillo , Rialtosantambrogio (Rome), Linguaggi Festival Nazionale Della performance,Teatro Neoeliseo (Rome), Festival Ubusettete (Rome), Mekané (Rome). The performance action develops, as in the theatre’s one, the vocal expression and the antibody but, sure enough, the whole is not ‘totally’ predefined but a wide margin is left to the instinct, to the urgency which guides each act. He took part, furthermore, at the Biennale Adriatica Arti Nuove, Futuroma, Ar(t)cevia, Corpo, Interiora. His texts on the anti-cinema have been published in different web sites and magazines. Editor of festivals devoted tothe experimental cinema (Atri, Pescara, Roma, Teramo) and contemporary art shows . He took part as a photographer at the 4th and 5th Biennale Internazionale Di Grafica(2006 and 2008, Italy, Spain and China), Comoedia Picta (La Spezia), Artisti Per La Salute(Milan). He has played as a leading actor in dozens of films, including: ‘Farina Stamen’ (the first Iperfilm), ‘Piano Sequenza’ and ‘Scale’. In recent years he has preferred to decline offers which were not artistic or markedly cinematic. In 1993 he published “Natures and Nothing “, a collection of poems and since the 80’s his poems have been published in dozens of anthologies.

Agnus Dei 70 cast and crew

Flavio Sciolè Director

Flavio Sciolè Writer

Flavio Sciolè Producer

Flavio Sciolè Key Cast

Project Type: Experimental, Short

Runtime: 4 minutes

Completion Date: September 6, 2019

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Italy

Film Color: Color

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