Il sogno di Omero

Il sogno di Omero

What does who lives without seeing dream about? What kind of images and figures populate his imagination and his dreams? The Dream of Homer is the journey into the dreams of Rosa, Domenico, Gabriel, Daniela and Fabio: blind from birth, united by their condition and by the habit of narrating their dreams to a tape recorder, an oral diary that each one of them records every morning after getting out of bed. Their five lives are connected by their dreams and the intimate reality that comes out during the Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. They don’t know each other, they live far away from each other, they lead different lives and cultivate different passions. But they are not afraid of telling us their stories. The Dream of Homer is a poetic exploration of how our dreams act to protect us, to secure us and to tell us and others something that could not even be imagined when awake.

Emiliano Aiello Director

Emiliano Aiello Writer

Valerio Trapasso Writer

Tfilm Producer

Cpa Uniroma3 Producer

Gabriele Battaglia Key Cast“Ulisse”

Domenico Ietto Key Cast“Poseidone”

Fabio De Dominicis Key Cast“Tiresia”

Rosa Squeo Key Cast“Nausicaa”

Daniela Floriduz Key Cast“Penelope”

Director Biography – Emiliano Aiello

Emiliano Aiello was born in Rome in 1975. After his studies in Filmology began to work as director and editor for the Audio Visual Production Centre of the University of Rome 3. Working for the Centre, he has created several works including the documentary Samuel Beckett, an Italian family (2006) and What a pity that we lost! (2007), history of the encounter between the Spanish and Italian cinema during the 60s. He worked as production manager for the film The Dowser (2004) directed by Fabrizio Cattani. In 2013 he made documentary for Sky Arts, Opera for Cantalupo, on the work of the artist Paolo William Tamburella.

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